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For centuries The United States Postal Service has grown and changed with America embracing new technologies to better serve an ever growing population.

The USPS processes approximately 584 million pieces of mail a day and serves about 7 million customers in its 36,000 retail locations. Currently however, the USPS is confronted with many different challenges. First class mail is expected to decline by 37% by 2020. With a sharp decline in mail volume the USPS is estimat- ed to lose billions over the next 10 years. As a result, customers are paying the price today with reduced service hours,

slow and inefficient service, long waiting lines, confusing interfaces, broken down equipment, and overall unappealing com- munications and services.

We believe however that the Unites States Postal Service is an organization that provides a unique service across the nation. Our team set out on the mission to help the USPS deliver a more meaningful and innovative service, move the dial in their system and help them reorganize into a profitable agency that continues to serve the public in parcel service delivery. We set out to turn the USPS challenges into opportunities, and started by rethinking

the last mile delivery and considering focusing USPS efforts on strategic loca- tions in order to reduce costs. We also looked at successful initiatives such as priority mail and considered how we could leverage them in our solution. Lastly, we embraced parcel delivery as the future and explored new ways of generating more activity. Our main goal was to repo- sition USPS into a service that delivers joy in a convenient and efficient way.


  • Our objective was to discover and uncover the core meanings associated with the USPS and learn how we can improve the total experience.

  • Familiarize ourselves with the USPS and their current situation

  • Understand and articulate customer experiences

  • Gather and synthesize market insights

  • Identify Opportunity Areas



Through our research we identified three segments that we have represented through three personas. We have identified the main pain points for each segment/persona and have developed a conceptual proposal to meet those pain points for each.


Meet Mary. She lives with her husband in a small community. She has been served by the same mailman for the last 10 years. “I love my mailman, he sorts my mail so that good news is on the top and bills are on the bottom.”


Her primary reason for using USPS is to send cards or gifts to loved ones or to receive or return online purchases. “Sharing things with loved ones by mail helps me feel connected to them.” Mary feels a sense of excitement both when she sends something to someone as well as when she receives a package.


She enjoys going to the Post Office where she interacts with her community. “The post office is one of the few places where you see different generations, young and old, interacting.” As she waits in line, she learns about people’s lives.


If the USPS were a place: It would be a small Midwest American town with a slower pace and a traditional, nostalgic feel.


Core Meanings: (in order of priority)

1. Community/Connection

2. Security
3. Accomplishment


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